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New York City

About us.

We're students, just
like you!

Elevate the Future is a global non-profit organization built from the ground up by high school students with a passion for business and computer science.

We hold regular online classes that cover a multitude of topics ranging from basic economic structures to how to start and operate a business. Our classes are completely free of charge and are open to students of all grade levels. No matter if you are extremely knowledgeable on business or computer science, or if you are only starting to research these fields, we work to facilitate an all-inclusive educational environment and provide the resources and insight you need to succeed!

Our mission.

We want to inspire
future generations...

Students all around the world are growing up without even a basic foundation for business and computer science. We seek to inspire young innovators and entrepreneurs with bright minds to carry out their ideas by providing students resources to explore their passions. By doing this, and by providing outlets to apply those passions back into their communities, we prepare them for their future in our fast-paced world.


Introduction to the Stock Market

New Session Starting Spring 2021

Our stock market course is designed to teach you how the Stock Market works, its history, and how you can properly invest in it! We will also learn about how bonds work and why they are beneficial to an investor, how to analyze markets and trends to aid you in choosing the right companies and the right time to invest in them, and last but most certainly not least we will learn about proper portfolio management so that you can minimize risk and maximize profit!
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Our team.
Jason Zheng
Vice President
Hao Teng
Alex Vasiliu
Vice President
Eric Hu
Director of Operations
William Lian
Director of Recruitment
Vivian Lin
Director of Marketing
Benicio Franqui
Director of Business & Lead Instructor
Michael Romashov
Director of Technology